principal message

Principal Message

With immense gratitude to God, I take great pride and joy in having such an exemplary institution in the city. The school by its relentless efforts has now established itself as an ideal abode for the young pupils to gain intellectual, moral, creative and social aspects of life. The primary purpose of Satyawati Memorial Academy is the all round development of the child’s mind, heart and soul.
Special attention is given to character formation, imbuing the student with moral and spiritual principals and helping her/him to mature as a self-disciplined, self-confident, responsible and trustworthy person. We teach them to take their valuable contribution to it.

While we prepare our children to meet global challenges, we also ensure that they retain in themselves their Indian SANSKARAS.
Satyawati Memorial Academy has the vision to be blossomed in to a strong mighty tree. The caretakers has been in the pursuit of educational excellence, i look forward to the future horizons with hope and confidence and commit to carry on noble task of educating the children with zest and vitality.

  • Principal